Maintaining contacts is one of the main part of any person’s life. As almost everyone uses Android phones these days, therefore all their personal and work contacts are saved on their phone. The use of maintaining a contact diary is an old thing now. The contacts saved in your Android phones are easily accessible and can be shared through SMS or Bluetooth. Although they don’t wear out like the contacts written in a diary but still they have their own problems. To get rid of this problem, the best way is to create regular backup but it is not possible all the time. So an efficient recovery tool is required to restore contacts from Android phone. That tool can also be used to restore deleted apps from Android phone. The contacts and other files saved on your Android Smartphone might get deleted or lost due to following reasons –

  1. A serious virus infection that corrupts the Android phone internally, damaging all the attributes inside it.
  2. Accidental or knowing deletion of the contacts and later realizing their need.
  3. Restoring the Android phone to its original factory settings and losing all the personalized settings and data.
  4. Mishandling of the phone while transferring data or while accessing some software.
  5. Abruptly removing the Android phone from a system to which it was connected to copy / move some files.

When you delete or lose a file or important contacts from your Android phone, you might think that they are gone forever. But that is not true; until and unless the deleted or lost data is not overwritten by some other data, it is possible to restore contacts from Android phone. But the only condition that has to be followed is that “as soon as you encounter any kind of data loss, the device should be kept idle, this will increase the chances of restoring that data.” If this note is kept in mind then you will definitely be able to recover contacts from Android phone, without any difficulty.

As the contacts are saved on the phone’s internal memory therefore most of the software available in the market or the internet are useless. They provide recovery from only the phone’s external memory. But the Android Recovery tool is far above all of them. It can easily recover contacts from Android phone along with other data like pics, videos, audio files, apps, etc. from both Android’s internal as well as external memory.

The tool uses its inbuilt scanning algorithm to scan the entire internal as well as external memory and find deleted or lost contacts from it. As the software has a wizard style interface, therefore even a tech novice can easily perform the complex recovery operations. He / she will not require any kind of technical guidance or go to a recovery center and put their privacy at stake. The tool has many unique features that help in recovering contacts from Android phone without any difficulty. The software is available as a free demo version that can be downloaded and tried for recovering contacts from Android phone.

Steps to recover contacts from Android phone -

Step 1 – Download, install & run the Android recovery tool. Connect the Android phone from which you want to restore the contacts.

Step 2 – Select the “Recover Lost Files” from the main screen of the application.

Recover Contacts from Android Phone - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step 3 – Now select the Android Disk and proceed

Recover Contacts from Android Phone - Select Android phone

Fig 2 : Select Android phone

Step 4 – To restore contacts from Android phone, select the file type and click Next.

Recover Contacts from Android Phone - Choose file type

Fig 3 : Choose file type

Step 5 – After scanning the entire phone drive, a list of restored data is displayed.

Recover Contacts from Android Phone - Restored data

Fig 4 : Restored data

Step 6 – Preview & save them after buying the full version.

Recover Contacts from Android Phone - Preview files

Fig 5 : Preview files